In All Things Be Content

It's an epidemic of HUMANITY to think there's something better than what WE already have; what WE probably don't deserve, but the Providential GRACE of God has favored US with! Our lives are spent striving for the things that perish as if once obtained we'll keep them forever. To be clear, NOTHING made of matter will survive the cascade of time.

"No matter how much we SEE, we are never satisfied. No matter how much we HEAR, we are not content." Ecclesiastes 1:8

For this REASON WE must learn and train ourselves to be content with what we have. There's NOTHING wrong with striving to be GREAT or GREATER...if the end game is aimed at humble service to others in the commission of our PURPOSE. What God has provided is designed to be used in the service of mankind.

THE PROBLEM arises when we lose sight of the FACT that; INTO THIS WORLD WE ARRIVED WITH NOTHING and from it ONLY WHAT WE'VE DONE to advance the Eternal Kingdom will follow us out of it! So take a moment to think about where you are and how much worse it could be if you didn't have the mercy and grace of God to keep you. And if you're striving to be great; seek to be notable in the pursuit of souls to bring into a greater knowledge of God. Be blessed.