Wandering Heart

She glitters like gold; he’s so tall,dark and handsome.

Yet when you were held captive I paid your ransom.

The trouble you were in a finger they did not lift.

Yet my Father’s love for you sent Me as your eternal gift.

You devote to them your time; your treasure; your wandering heart.

Yet out of the 24hrs I grant to you I’m barely; rarely a part.

Why do you treat Me this way as if I don’t even matter.

Yet run to them; long for them; be with them you’d rather.

Law requires that you love Me with your body, soul and mind.

But you’ve wandered from Me; return to Me while yet there’s still time.

I have life for you; an inheritance for you the world can never see.

I but ask that you pick up your cross and only follow Me.

I can’t make you love Me; though I offer you my love from the very start.

Yet she glitters;he’s handsome; they have your wandering heart.

Jerome H. Midgette