When Awful Things Happen to Awfully Nice People

Recently, I received a text from my web master informing me of his grandmother’s sudden passing. Strangely, I could sense his pain through his text. Someone he looked up to and loved was gone. He won’t be able to hear her voice, her laughter or words of wisdom any longer. This made me think about what happens when awful things happen to awfully nice people. What about you; ever think about this too? I confess every once in a while I do.

Death is one such situation. It’s one of the most awful experiences in this life hands down. It just lingers like an unwanted guest. Or more like a thief lurking in the shadows waiting for an opportunity to mug us; except it does not want our monetary or earthly possessions it wants our very lives. I know this may sound like gloom and doom, but its real talk. One day something awful like death is going to happen to us, our associates or those we love.  The question is what do we do to prepare ourselves for the inevitable? What do we do when this awful event happens to someone we love? There are only two choices: We can either get swallowed up in grief or pick ourselves up and keep breathing. Both choices can be extremely challenging. 

If we drown in grief we allow ourselves to diminish mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. This is not an easy place to find ourselves. The world around us may seem to evaporate as we disappear into the dark waters of despair. I know because I’ve been there before. When my Mother passed I thought my life was over. For many years I was deeply depressed so much so that I felt alone in a crowded room. It took the liberating truth that Christ forgave me of my sins for me to break free from the chains of depression. Knowing that He cared enough for me to give His life so I could have eternal life restored my hope. It wasn’t the end for me. Hope restored, I lifted my head to fix my eyes on the Lord; they’ve been focused on Him ever since. Now I know that no matter what happens in this life I’m going to be alright; that includes death. 

Yes, unfortunately awful things happen to awfully nice people. But those of us who have a comforting word can be there to help in times of need. My web-master Jose is one of those awfully nice people who will continue to be so despite his loss. Condolences to him and his family during this trying time of what can be sorrowful time. Our hope is that this is a time of celebration of a life well lived by his grandmother who will be greatly missed.

If you want an awfully nice person to build an awfully professional website for you or your business reach out to Jose@vibrantmindsmedia.com. Thanks for letting me vent. Be blessed God willing.

Jereome Midgette